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The Knightwood Oak

Thought to be the oldest tree in the New Forest, the Knightwood oak is over 500 years old, but only lasted so long because of human intervention. The tree was pollarded, meaning that once it had reached maturity the branches were chopped off so the tree grew new shoots. Given all the climate protests going on at the moment to highlight human’s impact on the environment, it’s interesting to think that this tree only survived so long due to people, and that maybe a tree lasting so long isn’t what nature intended.

What does the team of the future look like?

They’ll be diverse by default, and without even thinking about it as they’ll all be from different places, different backgrounds, different skills, different ages, etc., just like their customers

They’ll be motivated by achieving outcomes and making a difference rather than being incentivised to look busy and fill hours.

They’ll be self-organising and self-managing, choosing distributed and decentralised leadership over command and control management.

They’ll optimise for consumption rather optimising for production, and they’ll do the hard work to make things easy for their customers over making things convenient for themselves.

They’ll forego fixed process that everyone follows without any opportunity to change for shared knowledge among intelligent people who make good decisions in a safe-to-fail environment where everyone learns, adapts and improves.

I want to work with that team.

Weekly update #141

What happened this week…

  • Defibrillators enquiries and orders processing.
  • Worked on fixing Facebook Advertising pixel.
  • Launched new bride and groom pin badges
  • Launched new Pride badge wedding favours.
  • Discussed using Freshdesk for volunteer complaints.
  • Discuss selling furniture online.
  • Added a banner to the Online Shop home page to link to our Ebay store.
  • Wrote an advertising brief for blood pressuremonitors.
  • Replaced some product images on the online shop with new professional images.
  • Wrote interview questions.
  • Sourced some new branded donation cards.
  • Wrote User Stories for defibrillator webpages.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Meeting with the Buying Team to discuss clothing products.
  • Writing more digital advertising briefs.
  • Discussing CPR & Defibrillator marketing positioning with a creative agency.
  • Improving the current advertising campaigns.
  • Working on the brief for UX of the Defibrillator Advice Centre.
  • Doing some dev work on file exports for the AX interface.
  • Interviewing for a new Ecommerce Executive.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • 83% of visits to the defibrillator pages on the website are from organic search. This, along with other insights we’ve gained, suggests that people are already aware of the need for defibrillators in treating cardiac arrest and are looking for guidance about what next steps to take.

In the not too distant future…

  • A Christmas cards photoshoot to try a different approach to product images.

Weekly Update #140

What happened this week…

  • Defibrillators enquiries and orders processing.
  • Set up more Blood Pressure Monitors in Magento.
  • Helped the Heart Helpline Team refine their processes in Freshdesk.
  • Completed document upload work for the Central Ordering site.
  • New T-Shirts went live on the Online Shop.
  • Had a professional photo shoot for new and existing products.
  • Updated products images with the new photos.
  • Went live with Frogmore Garden Tickets.
  • Met with the Social Paid Advertising Team to discuss advertising campaigns.
  • Started writing the Digital Advertising brief for Blood Pressure Monitors.
  • Met with the UX team to discuss the design for using a Freshdesk portal for defibrillators.
  • Met with Survival team to review progress with selling defibrillators and agree next steps.
  • Met with our Success Manager from Freshdesk.
  • Began writing the brief for the designing the Freshdesk portal for defibrillators.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Reviewing the job applications we’ve received so far.
  • Writing the advertising briefs for BPM’s, Clothing Christmas cards, and Wedding Favours.
  • Adding to the Range Plan for new clothing.
  • Making changes to DefibBot.
  • Fixing the Facebook Advertising pixel.
  • Writing user stories for defibrillator customers.
  • Sourcing event merchandise images.
  • Meeting with the F & E Buying and Merchandising Team to discuss selling furniture online.
  • Meeting with the Cards Buying and Merchandising Team to discuss Christmas cards.
  • Meeting with the Accessories Buying and Merchandising Team to discuss Clothing.
  • Completing Artist field work in Magento for AX interface.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • Since the beginning of February there have been 790 unique searches related to defibrillators on the website, using 263 different search terms.

In the not too distant future…

  • Building a Defibrillator Advice Centre.

Weekly update #139

What happened this week…

  • Processed defibrillator enquiries and orders.
  • Job advert for the new Ecommerce Executive role went live.
  • Handed over the Central Ordering site to the CSC Fulfillment team for end-to-end testing. with Fundraising Managers.
  • Began rewiting the Online Shop terms and conditions to encompass defibrillators.
  • Went to the Internet Retailing Expo.
  • Helped the Heart Helpline Team set up and learn Freshdesk.
  • Prepared a presentation for the defibrillator review meeting with Mike.
  • Added the Frogmore Garden Event Tickets to the Online Shop.
  • Arranged for new products to be photographed.
  • Discussed plans for selling defibrillators with the Survival Team.
  • Set up the new t-shirts in Magento.
  • Met with the Content Experience Team to discuss improvements to defibrillator content on the website.
  • Set up the reporting spreadsheets for 19/20.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Meeting with the digital team to improve the online shop advertising campaigns
  • Writing advertising briefs to promote new products.
  • Presenting the defibrillator progress so far to the Commercial Director.
  • Writing user stories for defibrillator web page visitors.
  • Working on new functionality for the Central Ordering site.
  • Writing advertising briefs.
  • Meeting with the Healthcare Innovation Marketing Manager to discuss defibrillators.
  • Reviewing samples for premium wedding favour donation cards.
  • Arranging meeting to take over responsibility for buying clothes.
  • Discussing stock control for Christmas cards.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • Last year’s total revenue was more than double where we started in 2015.

In the not too distant future…

  • A Range Plan vision for all products on the Online Shop.

Why businesses need greater agility

Agile businesses respond to change quickly

Drawn on the back of a napkin at breakfast

How it used to be

The rate of change customers experienced was constant so businesses could go through a period of change to catch up with their customers and plateau for a while before going into the next period of change.

How it is now

The rate of change that customers experience grows exponentially, but businesses still implement change in the old way which means they get further behind the needs of their customers.

How it should be

Businesses change at an exponential rate to keep up with their customers and better serve their needs.


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