Modern Agile

Make people awesome vs. make people fight to be successful

When people often have to fight the organisation in order to let it do the job it hired them to do, how do we create an atmosphere where people feel able to offer their skills and experience to other teams, are empowered to choose the highest impact work, and focus on work that adds real value for customers?

Make safety a prerequisite vs. a culture of risk-aversion

When in a traditional organisation, in a traditional industry, where reputational damage and avoiding any risk of losing customer trust is the greatest concern, how do we help people develop a sense of emotional and professional safety where it’s ok to challenge others, to make mistakes, and try things that help us learn?

Deliver value continuously vs. launch it & leave it

When there’s always something new to be moving onto, another new project or product to launch, how do we build things in a way that means we can develop and improve them to better meet customers changing needs and increase the value we provide?

Experiment and learn rapidly vs. write a business case and get approval

When the process for any new venture is to write a business case, gain support, and get approval from all the right people, how do we move to quickly setting-up experiments so we can learn what customers want and what might work before we put considerable time and effort into building something?