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Why businesses need greater agility

Agile businesses respond to change quickly

Drawn on the back of a napkin at breakfast

How it used to be

The rate of change customers experienced was constant so businesses could go through a period of change to catch up with their customers and plateau for a while before going into the next period of change.

How it is now

The rate of change that customers experience grows exponentially, but businesses still implement change in the old way which means they get further behind the needs of their customers.

How it should be

Businesses change at an exponential rate to keep up with their customers and better serve their needs.

Designing for failure

I was chatting to an Enterprise Architect about how modern cloud infrastructure is ‘designed for failure’, that is, accepting that isolated failures are inevitable and can be anticipated and so systems designed to deal with them.

It made me think about how you could use the same approach in designing services and businesses. So, rather than only designing for success by setting goals, objectives, milestones, etc., you could assume certain points of failure in the business model and implement alternative failsafes. I’m not sure what this unreliance on a single means would look like in practice but I think it’s worth thinking about it some more.

“when it comes to innovation, focus often beats freedom.”

-Miller & Wedell-Wedellsborg

It’s a generation game


Some interesting advice on segmenting customers by generation from Robin Bourne.

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