Using location in a chatbot can be really useful in providing information and services, but getting the coordinates into the chatbot isn’t as smooth and easy as perhaps we’d like.

Getting the user’s location starts with gaining permission for the device to send its longitude and latitude coordinates to the chatbot.

But if location is switched off, Messenger needs to ask for location to be switched on.

Clicking the button in Messenger triggers the device to seek permission to allow Messenger to access location.

But that doesn’t always work.

Once location is switched on Messenger can get the long/lat coordinates.

And then Messenger can pass the coordinates to the chatbot.

Once all those steps have been taken the chatbot can finally use the precise location to provide whatever information or services to the user.

Given how complicated getting that location is for the user we should question whether getting the precise longitude and latitude coordinates is the best option for obtaining the user’s location. If the chatbot only needs to know the region the user is in then simply asking the user could be a better option.