Last week’s update…

What happened this week…

Set up the new Running Shorts on the Online Shop.

  • Added downloadable heart health resources to the Online Shop.
  • Ecommerce Order Management scenarios, workflows, and a user guide.
  • Reviewed Wedding advertising performance.
  • Planned the supporter product range.
  • Planning Event Clothing marketing and retargeting campaigns.
  • Discussed the testing plan for the AX interfaces with Magento.
  • Started writing a user guide for using Freshdesk for Ecommerce Customer Service.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Finalising requirements for AX Magento interfaces.
  • Optimising product pages for Google Shopping Ads.
  • Meeting with the Digital Team Delivery Lead to discuss working practices.
  • Discussing Returns and Refunds processes in AX.
  • Meeting with the UX Team to discuss the rebranding of the Online Shop.
  • Meeting with the Retail Customer Services Team to set them up on Freshdesk.
  • Meeting with the Accessories Buying Team to discuss expanding our clothing range.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • Across the entire product range the average rate of sale is 3.69 units a week, with the top performing 10% of products having an average rate of sale of 28.6 units a week, and the best seller having a rate of sale of 203 units a week.

In the not too distant future….

  • More coordinated approaches to customer services and logistics.