Last week’s update…

What happened this week…

  • Met with our UX Designer to brief.
  • Optimising Fascinator pages to enhance google shopping ads.
  • Added more free downloads onto the Online Shop.
  • Recruited a Magento Developer.
  • Discussed selling Defibrillators online.
  • Started work on creating an Ecommerce team site on Sharepoint.
  • Began setting up a MyMarathon Facebook Shop.
  • Wrote a User Guide to Freshdesk.
  • Met with our warehouse team to discuss future plans.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Magento Roadmapping Session.
  • Project planning for selling Fascinators on Amazon.
  • Writing future Order Management scenarios.
  • Meeting with the Accessories Team to discuss the future clothing range.
  • Discussing marketing planning for selling Defibrillators.
  • Testing and training with Freshdesk.
  • Attending a branded merchandise boutique.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • Since April last year, 9.98% of our revenue has come from Pin Badges, 13.46% from clothing, and Christmas cards are still winning with 17.32%.

In the not too distant future….

  • Selling Fascinators on Amazon.