Business teams aren’t like sports teams

Sports teams have objective measures of success; they either beat the other team or they didn’t, they either have the most points at the end of the season or they haven’t. These measures are set from outside themselves and can be seen be those in the team and publicly by those outside the team.

Business teams have subjective measures; increase income by £x, decrease this by x%. These are set internally either by the team or some other part of the business. They aren’t publicly shared, aren’t the same as the competition’s objectives, and are changeable at any time.

This isn’t to say that either way is right or wrong, just that they aren’t comparable.

Weeknotes #126

What happened this week… 

  • Reviewed our roadmap activities. 
  • Discussed Central ordering site testing action plans. 
  • Began writing a business case for moving warehouse. 
  • Discussed PR opportunities for the future. 
  • Added content to defibrillator pages on the Online Shop. 
  • Discussed defibrillator supplier contracts. 
  • Updated the Ecommerce Roadmap
  • Updated the Ecommerce Time Tracker

Read this week… 

Doing next week… 

  • Reviewing defibrillators set up on the Online Shop. 
  • Setting up Blood Pressure Monitor supplier and planning buys. 
  • Meeting with MDA to discuss RMSP processes. 
  • Finalising requirements for automated finance reporting. 
  • Discussing eCards for Christmas. 
  • More testing on the Central Ordering site. 

Interesting stat of the week… 

  • In 2018, 63% of our traffic was from referral sources, 22% was from organic search, 8.5% was direct, 3% was from social channels and 2.5% was from paid advertising. 

In the not too distant future… 

  • Planning for selling furniture on Ebay.