I built the first bot for interniser to handle competitor registrations for the UK Mountainboard Championship.

I had a few initial requirements. I knew I wanted it to use the name of the person it’s speaking to, and to offer some info about the comp if the person chatting didn’t want to enter. I figured out the basic logic of how registration should work (discipline first, then category), and this was enough to build a minimum viable product to prove that a bot could handle registrations for a mountainboard competition.

Interniser Bot for UK Mountainboard Championship Registration

The bot is triggered by the person initiating the conversation (as per Facebook’s terms and conditions) and starts by offering two options: Info or Register. Clicking Info triggers the bot to send a single message with when and where the competition is, which over time could be expanded to include more information, a link, and other more complicated options. Clicking Register triggers the bot to ask a question and then respond based on the answer. Once the competitor had been through all the registration options the bot tells them that they are registered and then posts the responses into a Google Sheet, which we can use to know which competitions each person intends to enter.

Although the bot works pretty well for an MVP, it doesn’t solve the real problem of handling competitor registrations on the day of the competition, and knowing what a competitor intended to do doesn’t tell you what they actually want to do on the day, but maybe that can be part of a later iteration.