Week notes #192

This week I was doing:

Product strategy

I’ve been working on a product strategy for a new product. I’m keen that the strategy aligns on multiple levels; helping the programme achieve its goals, improves capabilities across the organisation (Communication, notification, surveying and reporting), and aligning with the technology strategy and roadmap.

Two of the most interesting things I read around product strategy were ‘What is product strategy? and ‘What is good product strategy?’, from which I particularly like Melissa’s description of having a target state and having to work your way across unknown territory from the current state. It fits with our approach to product strategy of moving towards different target states on different levels.

Content and proposition 

One of the products I’ve been working on has changed proposition from being about showcasing real world activities and encouraging young people to sign-up, to providing supportive messaging about how the Trust can help young people and encouraging them to make contact. The new proposition has required the content to be rewritten to be more authoritative and trustworthy. It’s interesting how important content is for a product like this to succeed. 


I set up a website at future.charity. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it but it’s going to be some kind of thought experiment about what a charity of the future might look like.

This week I was studying:

Who holds the power in the labour market?

I finished my last assignment for this term. Although my least favourite it was actually quite interesting. My argument was around how liberal market economies were deregulated as a means of trying to increase firm productivity through introducing supply and demand mechanisms to the labour market but failed, resulting instead in firms adopting more low-road human resource management policies to reduce cost and so increase performance.

This week I was thinking about:


Lockdown has become very much part of life. There’s no going out to beaches at the weekend, even going shopping seems like a major mission, and perhaps the hardest thing is not knowing how long it will last. Thinking about my roadmap for this year seems more difficult under such constraining conditions. There are definitely plenty of things I want to do with my website, but I’m not sure that feels like enough of an achievement for a year.

This week people were tweeting about:

Who knows?

I spent almost no time on Twitter this week. A combination of being busy at work, writing my assignment, stuff in my personal life, and Twitter being all about Coronavirus, just made me not bother with it.