Week Notes #26

What happened this week…

  • Had our first lifestyle photo shoot for the new Gifts From The Heart range.
  • Improved the sizing information for our clothing.
  • Found out about the Information Architecture project for the main website and how it might connect with the Online Shop in the future.
  • Analysed ten months of orders from schools to help with planning within customer segments for next year.
  • Got some advice on surveys and B2B marketing to help with validating our strategy.
  • Worked on how to implement more cohesive email communications for our customers.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Launching our new range of Gifts From The Heart.
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Marketing Planning for the next year.
  • Customer Survey planning.
  • Setting a Customer Service Strategy workshop with Zendesk.
  • RMSP Reporting for Ecommerce.
  • Finance Improvements requirements.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • In January, 777 people visited the Online Shop after googling ‘British Heart Foundation Wedding Favours’ and 218 other related search terms.

In the not too distant future….

  • New email communications strategy and better email templates.