Week notes #97

What happened this week…

  • Redesigned our Delivery Note in the new branding.
  • Began planning stakeholder engagement and communication for Selling Defibs.
  • Met with the Buying Team to move to a quicker buying model for Supporter range.
  • Built a customer service chatbot using the Freshdesk API.
  • Learned how to set up forms in SiteCore.
  • Spoke to NHS Digital about ambulance service open source data.
  • Confirmed data protection processes for Selling Defibs.
  • Supported Retail Customer Services in setting up Freshdesk.
  • Presented a Selling Defibs project update to the Commercial Director.
  • Discussed website structure and content for Selling Defibs.
  • Discussed finance processes for CPR kits, Defibrillators and Health At Work.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Planning for a summer sale event.
  • Discussing a chatbot for Customer Services.
  • Writing descriptions and creating images for Christmas cards.
  • Meeting with the Cards team to plan Christmas cards.
  • Reviewing dropship processes for phase 1 of AX.
  • Meeting with our Magento agency to discuss progress with M2.
  • Writing test cases for Magento 2 functionality.
  • Meeting with the Events Marketing Team to discuss Events Merchandise.
  • Meeting with a branded products supplier.

Interesting stat of the week..

  • Comparing Conversion Rates by Traffic Source over the last six weeks to the same time last year, Social has increased 325%, Paid Search has increased 91% and Referral has increased 80%

In the not too distant future…

  • A new range of Supporter goods.