Week Notes #115

What happened this week…

  • Bought a DNA testing kit to see how a customer might experience it.
  • Tested back order and credit memo functionality in Magento.
  • Wrote the requirements for getting returns info into AX.
  • Helped launch the Restart A Heart Day CPR Chatbot.
  • Tested bundle and group products on Magento.
  • Started selling Christmas Cards on Amazon.
  • Met with the Cards Merchandising team to ensure Christmas card stock levels.
  • Completed a data brief and requested data for the November Christmas card marketing email.
  • Started competitor analysis of Blood Pressure Monitors.
  • Started customer analysis and user research for Blood Pressure Monitors.
  • Redesigned the delivery note for Ecommerce orders.
  • Got Christmas cards on the main website menu and shop page.
  • Started designing the Christmas card marketing email.
  • Updated the Ecommerce Time Tracker

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Setting up a Blood Pressure Monitor supplier.
  • Finish the Blood Pressure Monitor dashboard.
  • Doing IPOS Training.
  • Discussing the costs of the Magento dev work for imports into AX.
  • Designing Christmas card content for Heart Matters and monthly email newsletter.
  • Writing a marketing brief for blood pressure monitors.
  • Discussing how to deal with VAT on giveaway events clothing.
  • Refining requirements for the Central Ordering Site.
  • Looking into advertising Christmas cards on Amazon.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • The best performing product, the Wildflower Seeds Wedding Favours, achieved the same sales this year so far as the 256 worst performing products.

In the not to distant future…

  • Moving refunds, returns and cancellations into Magento to automate reporting into AX.