What happened this week…

  • Answered defibrillator enquiries.
  • Launched the first two models in our Blood Pressure Monitor range.
  • Did a user story mapping workshop for selling furniture online.
  • Set up defibrillator bundle products on the Online Shop.
  • Updated the Online Shop Home Page.
  • Began adding defibrillators to our Facebook Shop.
  • Discussed contracts and costs with a second Defibrillator suppler.
  • Completed advertising briefs.
  • Learned about processing invoices with the Finance team for defibrillator orders.
  • Confirmed samples for our new Bride and Groom Pin Badges.
  • Testing and dev work on the Central Ordering site.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Answering defibrillator sales enquiries.
  • Reviewing our processes for selling defibrillators and looking for improvements.
  • Launching the Central Ordering site.
  • Improving the defibrillators chatbot.
  • Receiving stock of more Blood Pressure Monitors.
  • Discussing possible directions for selling furniture online and marketing support.
  • Improving Blood Pressure Monitor product pages.
  • Reviewing clothing rebuys with the Accessories Team.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • Our best performing customer segments for selling defibrillators are Construction companies at 50% conversion rate, Youth Groups at 40% conversion rate, and Estate Agents at 33%. We think the speed at which an organisation can make a decision, place an order and pay for their defibrillator is the driving factor in the high conversion rate rather than them being large customer segments for us or those segments wanting defibrillators more than others.

In the not too distant future…

  • Presenting options for directions for selling furniture online.