Week Notes #138

What happened this week…

  • Set our roadmap for 19/20 and set Objectives and Key Results.
  • Answered defibrillator enquiries.
  • Met with the new CRO specialist to discuss visual testing on the Online Shop.
  • Chatted about making a chatbot for volunteers.
  • Finished document upload functionality on the Central Ordering site.
  • Received stock of our new leisure clothing.
  • Began thinking about how to build a ‘Defibrillator Advice Centre’.
  • Discussed how the Central Ordering Site will help with continuous improvements at CSC.
  • Discussed taking payments for House Clearance’s on the Online Shop.
  • Attended the Overherd talk on digital in charities.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Training with CSC on the Central Ordering site.
  • Scoping the defibrillator buyers user journey with the content experience team.
  • Discussing the Ecommerce roadmap for the first quarter of 19/20.
  • Attending the Internet Retailing Expo.
  • Arranging for photography of the new clothing.
  • Writing marketing briefs for new products.
  • Setting up bundle products for defibrillators.
  • Collecting feedback from the Events teams to improve Tickets.
  • Updating our Terms & Conditions to include recommendations for defibrillators.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • Throughout March, 73% of users visited the site on mobile or tablet devices, and although spending less time than desktop users (1 min 17 secs for mobile against 2 min 06 secs for desktop), the bounce rate was considerable lower (30% for mobile against 44% for desktop). Desktop converts better (3.1% on desktop against 1.6% on mobile) and accounts for 59% or revenue.

In the not too distant future…

  • Reviewing our plan for selling furniture online.