Week Notes #141

What happened this week…

  • Defibrillators enquiries and orders processing.
  • Worked on fixing Facebook Advertising pixel.
  • Launched new bride and groom pin badges
  • Launched new Pride badge wedding favours.
  • Discussed using Freshdesk for volunteer complaints.
  • Discuss selling furniture online.
  • Added a banner to the Online Shop home page to link to our Ebay store.
  • Wrote an advertising brief for blood pressuremonitors.
  • Replaced some product images on the online shop with new professional images.
  • Wrote interview questions.
  • Sourced some new branded donation cards.
  • Wrote User Stories for defibrillator webpages.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Meeting with the Buying Team to discuss clothing products.
  • Writing more digital advertising briefs.
  • Discussing CPR & Defibrillator marketing positioning with a creative agency.
  • Improving the current advertising campaigns.
  • Working on the brief for UX of the Defibrillator Advice Centre.
  • Doing some dev work on file exports for the AX interface.
  • Interviewing for a new Ecommerce Executive.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • 83% of visits to the defibrillator pages on the website are from organic search. This, along with other insights we’ve gained, suggests that people are already aware of the need for defibrillators in treating cardiac arrest and are looking for guidance about what next steps to take.

In the not too distant future…

  • A Christmas cards photoshoot to try a different approach to product images.