Week Notes #145

What happened this week…

  • Answered defibrillator enquiries and processed lots of orders. 
  • Met the new Digital Strategist for Retail. 
  • Set up Live Chat on the website contact page. 
  • Discussed processes with a new defibrillator supplier 
  • Set up new products for London to Brighton Bike Ride. 
  • Discussed ecommerce configuration in AX. 
  • Attended a workshop for Data Management for advertising technology. 
  • Enabled StatusCake monitoring for the Online Shop. 
  • Wrote more handover notes. 

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Taking delivery of the new Sports Clothing. 
  • Send clothing to the photographers. 
  • Setting up House Clearance payments on the Online Shop. 
  • Answering defibrillator enquiries and process orders. 
  • Volunteering chatbot hackathon. 
  • Setting up Freshdesk for the Survival Team. 
  • Writing lots more handover notes. 

Interesting stat of the week…

  • As the London to Brighton Bike Ride approaches, we’ve seen a 147% increase in unique page views for L2B Tickets between May so far and the same time period in April. However, comparing this year to last year, London to Brighton unique page views are down 80%. 

In the not too distant future…

  • The new range of sports clothing on the Online Shop.