Went for a walk on the beach and saw an old abandoned lighthouse.

Wrote and sent the 7th Irregular Ideas email newsletter.

Bought systemshiftingproduct.management domain name and pointed at the Google Doc.

Worked on the third future skills email.


Tried to focus on writing the third email for Future Skills but kept getting distracted by Twitter and other little ideas. Wondering if I should spend time trying to grow my number of followers, but to what end? Maybe with the Twitter Product Manager community in case I ever do write a book about systems-shifting product management. I’m just not sure anyone else would be interested in it as most of them seem focused on the day-to-day tactics of product management.


What went well?

Mocked-up a booking page to test allowing young people to book meetings.

Agreed some digital safeguarding solutions.

What didn’t go so well?

Getting others to focus on simplicity.

Found an issue in one of safeguarding solutions.

What could I do differently in the future?

It’s part of a bigger problem, so it’ll take some time, but more public guidance and reiterating the goal.