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Irregular ideas so far

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A clockwork butterfly

Copy and paste

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To whom am I speaking?

The coastline paradox

Creating and curating

Wasting time

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Don’t influence me

Are you a digital native or a digital immigrant?

On the duty of system disobedience

Lots of info, loosely held

The Great Reset is coming

Digital skills are life skills

Employment will be liquefied

Small steps are better than big steps

Rate of surprise is an indicator of uncertainty

Virtual worlds need real directions

Human-centred design has had it’s day

Switching off multiplayer mode

Create coherence in complexity

Opposing opinions can coexist

More people will become creators

Join a memeplex to spread ideas

Changing the way we change

Kitchens can tell us a lot about the digital transformation of organisations

Inequality and the unequal distribution of wealth is inevitable

Enforcing organisational values is a fascist goal

The better is the enemy of the good

Drastic change is more probable than we realise

The switch was humanity’s best and worst invention

Life is an outlier

Our first ideas are the worst

Pessimists create revolutions

There are three types of dog owner

Your attention isn’t yours

The future is never finished

The future of sabotaging work

Epictetus was wrong about control

Dirty Dancing is the greatest movie of all time

Attention grabbing is an ethical choice

We cannot make decisions rationally

All things change at their own pace

Red flags and the abdication of responsibility

A Homo sapiens guide to coexistence

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The coordination problem, or what it takes to change the world

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Do you have a choice?

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When future shock is the norm

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No single source of truth

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Digital you