ATBA-UK Team Meeting

We had a really good (and long) team meeting to talk about how things have gone over the past year and plan for next year.

Review of 2016

Instructor training has gone well this year, better than expected in fact. Without any real push it has provided enough income to keep the ATBA-UK afloat regardless of any other income. It’s also shown where the target market is so it’s definitely something I’d like to expand on next year.

UK Championship 16 went really well too. Having just one comp was a risk and very much a test of how the community would respond. We didn’t do a great deal of development/improvement work for it so that it would be a blank sheet of paper test, and we’ve done a lot of issue tracking and feedback surveys so that we know what to work on improving for next year.

Planning for 2017

We started planning for the UK Championship 2017, deciding what to spend money on, which priorities to focus on, and who is going to do what. This is just the start but it’s an important part of making the UKC17 as good as it can be.

We also talked about the history of the ATBA-UK and some of the controversy, mistakes made, lessons learned, and how it is that we are where we are today. It made me think that maybe I should try writing it all down.