Charities need good product management

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Charity Product Management

What you’ll get

Four emails, over four days, that explore the role good product management can play in charities, including:

  • Understanding problems before creating solutions
  • Connecting strategy with tactics, and people and perspectives to build the right solution
  • Continually improving the solution to maximise value to the charity and it’s supporters and service users.

What I talk about

Using product thinking, charities can:

Create an interface between the organisation and service users and supporters to understand problems better…

integrate organisational strategic objectives with tactical practices and connect people and perspectives to create solutions…

iterate to be continuously improving a product and maximising it’s value to the charity and their service users and supporters.

Here’s the elevator pitch

(because everyone has one these days)

I’m one of those end-to-end product managers who helps charities and social good organisations develop products that help people. From creating product strategy to building and operationalising products and services, my focus is always on the integration of strategy with logistics and user needs with business goals to reach outcomes.

What I’m up to at the moment

Product managing young person facing products at the Prince’s Trust.

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