Digital Product Innovation in Charities


Schmenner’s Service Process Matrix – but for charities

Schmenner’s Service Process Matrix, with some adaption, offers an interesting model to develop the types of services designed and delivered by charities.

Towards a stigmergy for third sector transformation

Transforming the third sector doesn’t need a strategy that relies on a single coordinated vision and centralised control, it needs a stigmergy.

Cause-agnostic charities of the future will be innovators for the state and the vanguards of social change

Imagine a future where what we understand of how charities work to make society better is radically different from today.s.

Artificial intelligence in the charities of the future

How will charities adopt artificial intelligence in the coming decades and what impact will it have?

In defence of Digital; why it is and should be ‘a thing’

Digital transformation isn’t an 18 month IT project, it’s new business models and new world views.

Some thoughts on the Digital Charity Code of Practice

Charities will adopt more of a digital mindset and redesign everything about themselves.

Digital transformation of the charity sector

From behind the curve to keeping pace with change in society, the charity sector needs digital transformation.

The impact of emerging technology on charities

What does a world with new technologies look like and what might charity’s role in that world be?

To improve the charity sector focus on the weak links

Changing an entire sector is a coordination challenge. How do you get enough people doing the right stuff to make a difference?


Ultimate Digital Tools List

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World’s best thinkers

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Almost uniquely British and gradually disappearing from the countryside, the stile is a symbol of a world being left behind.

The Fire Control Problem

Learn how to achieve uncertain goals with the seven day SMS course in goal-setting and reflective learning.

An experiment on creating a workable model for what a cause-agnostic charity of the future might look like.


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Prince’s Trust

Delivering new products that support disadvantaged young people to access opportunities to get support, mentoring, training, and jobs.

British Standards Institution

Developed products that enabled businesses to access standards information to improve the quality of their processes.

British Heart Foundation

Managed income generation and customer service products to contribute to life saving cardiovascular research.

Voluntary Work

Buckinghamshire Mind

Trustee and finance committee member of a mental health charity that provides support services to the local community


Management committee member of the national governing body for mountainboarding, responsible for strategy and development.

Action Sport Alliance

Managing director of a community interest company that delivered youth development projects to tackle social exclusion.



Good product management creates an interface between the organisation and it’s supporters and service users.


Good product management creates integration within the organisation to achieve alignment around meeting the user’s needs.


Good product management iterates on solutions using fast feedback loops to continuously improve as user needs change.