Digital Product Innovation in Charities

I work with brilliant people to develop digital products that integrate with innovative services that help people


Prince’s Trust

Delivering new products that support disadvantaged young people to access opportunities to get support, mentoring, training, and jobs.

British Standards Institution

Developed products that enabled businesses to access standards information to improve the quality of their processes.

British Heart Foundation

Managed income generation and customer service products to contribute to life saving cardiovascular research.

Voluntary Work

Buckinghamshire Mind

Trustee and finance committee member of a mental health charity that provides support services to the local community


Management committee member of the national governing body for mountainboarding, responsible for strategy and development.

Action Sport Alliance

Managing director of a community interest company that delivered youth development projects to tackle social exclusion.


Almost uniquely British and gradually disappearing from the countryside, the stile is a symbol of a world being left behind

An experiment on creating a workable model for what a cause-agnostic charity of the future might look like.


A chatbot that knows all about Roger, from fun quizzes about Roger to information about his work and projects.


A non-service-designers guide to service design

A collection of resources to introduce non service designers to Service Design


Waking up in beautiful places

A look at the influences that led me to designing and living an intentional life.


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