I’m a…

Reforming-Observer, INTJ, workaholic who is excited by ecommerce, charity, social enterprise, modern Agile, product management, lean startup, growth mindset, Stoicism, and minimalism.

My Work

I’m Lead Product Manager at the British Standards Institution, trustee at Buckinghamshire Mind, and I build chatbots as part of my side project Interniser.

I’m absorbed by how internet-era, modern and digital ideas (like Agile, Lean Startup, Product Management, Double Diamond, etc.) are applied to charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises to do good in the world. I’m a big believer in principle-driven approaches that give people what they need to be awesome rather than rigid frameworks that constrain people.

My background

I started building websites back in the good ol’ days of hand-coding HTML just when tables were being replaced with CSS and before everything went responsive.

Although I loved coding (and still do) I became more interested in the ‘whys’ of websites and digital services than the ‘hows’ of building them. I wanted to explore how websites could be used to bring communities together, share knowledge, broaden people’s horizons, and enable people to get value in bigger and better ways.

This lead me into Ecommerce and E-business, and specifically for charities, not-for-profits and social enterprise, where my skills, knowledge and experience could be used to help people.

Things I’ve done…

…I’ve castrated a bull, signed the official secrets act, driven a tanker lorry, flown a glider, won silver in the Greek National Kickboxing Championship, and never owned any furniture. I’ve run my own community interest company, driven a Ford Galaxy at 122 mph, got a masters degree in Fine Art, driven a Ariel Atom, and flown a stunt plane.

Things I want to do…

…visit a desert, make art again, start a social enterprise, do a self-contained hike along the Ridgeway, roadtrip across America, mountainboard down a live volcano, live in a van, do an adventure race/extreme challenge, go to New Zealand and find out where my family came from, run a successful knowledge-based website, teach/coach/mentor someone to greatness, be a good leader, get another masters degree, write a book, and deliver an inspiring speech.

There’s more about what I’ve done and want to do on my life roadmap and more about my professional experience on my CV.