I’m a for-good product manager, minimalist, wanderer and wonder.

I believe technology can give charities the power to scale social impact. 

Charities have two ways to make the world better; they help people directly and they effect change through others. Technology can provide a third way. Not only using tech to do what they already do better, but using it to do new, different things. 

Uber caused a 6% drop in the number of deaths from drink driving in the US. Completely by accident, as a result of using technology to do something else at scale, they had a positive social impact. Imagine what could be achieved if they’d meant to do it. Imagine what charities could achieve if they used technology in a similar way. 

But, as with all emerging practices, using technology to achieve social impact at scale is full of complexities and uncertainties.  

Good product management has an important role to play in helping charities get the most out of using technology to have impact at scale. 


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