I’m an idealist and a pragmatist, a Reforming-Observer, and an INTJ. I get excited about commercial success for charities, modern agile & better ways of working, product management and innovation. I’m inspired by stoicism, minimalism & anarchism.

I’m working on achieving these three objectives…

1. Having an impactful career in product management at charities and not-profits

Positioning myself

Positioned at the intersection between digital, product, innovation and business, commercial, ecommerce, and charity, not-for-profit, for good.

I operate effectively at the intersection of Digital/Product/Innovation, Business/Commercial/Ecommerce and Charity/Not-for-profit/For-good. This positioning gives me the focus to make the best use of my skills and experience to have the most impact.

Find out more about my work with charities from my CV.

2. Thinking and learning about all things digital, innovation and business

Studying for an MSC in Business Innovation

I’m learning about digital business, innovation, knowledge economy, competitive advantage, intellectual property, corporate social responsibility, and management, and I blog my essays, lecture notes and blog posts about my studies.

Blogging and tweeting about digital, product and innovation in charities

I blog and tweet about ideas and thoughts I have about product and innovation, especially in the charity and not-for-profit sector. I also use WeekNotes as part of my reflective practice. My User manual for me has info about how I like to work.

3. Leading an intentional life

Thoughts to focus actions

I’m a minimalist. I don’t own many belongings, and I use this mindset to help me focus on the essentials in life and work.

I align with a lot of Stoic thinking about how to take responsibility for oneself, embrace uncertainty and self-discipline and detachment to guide an internal locus of control.

I also agree with some anarchist thinking about autonomy, cooperation and decentralised decision-making, and especially how this provides a philosophical underpinning for better ways of working.

I use these three objectives to help with direction and priority on my roadmap.