This is my /now page, part of the Now revolution started by Derek Sivers and Gregory Brown. It’s a brief summary of what I’m doing now.


British Heart Foundation

Growing the ecommerce business at the British Heart Foundation to raise funds for life saving research.

  • Marketing the ecommerce website and supporters and fundraiser products.
  • Improving how the finance reporting works to give a clearer idea about the performance of the business.
  • Implementing a new customer services system and process to to improve the experience customers have.

Voluntary Work

Buckinghamshire Mind

  • On the board of trustees.
  • Chair of the Finance and Audit Sub-committee and Accommodation Strategy Sub-committee.

ATBA-UK, the national governing body for mountainboarding in the UK

  • Running the UK-wide mountainboard instructor training programme.

Side Project


Playing with building bots to do all kinds of things, including event registration, productivity, and helping with anxiety.


  • The Practioner’s Guide to Product Management by Jock Busutill.
  • Competing against luck by Clayton M. Christensen.
  • Jobs To Be Done by Wunker, Wattman and Farmer.


  • Customer journeys, and how to improve them.
  • Using virtuous circles in delivering membership packages.
  • How to engage mountainboard instructors after their training.
  • How to run an organisation in the leanest way possible that also overcomes internal and external challenges.