Product and Delivery Lead at RNID.


Living a nomadic life, travelling around the coastline of England, Wales and Scotland.


Future Skills – a guided learning email series to help develop the essential skills for future career success.

Systems-shifting Product Management – an ebook on applying systems-shifting design and posthumanism to product management thinking.

Irregular Ideas – An email newsletter exploring the ‘idea’ as a fundamental unit of value – a thought experiment in creating a Decentralized Autonomous Charitable Organisation.

Interface. Integrate. Iterate – A short email series exploring the role good product management can play in charities.

Fractal task management – Use kanban boards with kanban boards to focus only on the work in progress now.

Adjacencies – Teams work together better when they understand each others skills.

Ultimate Digital Tools List – Find the right digital products to build up the best tech stack for your project. – one hundred email lectures on innovation. – the greatest collection of stiles on the internet.

Why did the chicken cross the road? – a fast feedback, rapid prototype of a children’s book.

Last updated: 04/12/21