Product and Delivery Lead at RNID.


Living a nomadic life, travelling around the coastline of England, Wales and Scotland.

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AmbiGOALity – Achieve uncertain goals through refining the direction and the destination with fast feedback loops.

Magic Teams – Organise flexible teams around multiple projects in resource-constrained environments.

Timeline of modern work – The cultural changes and technological inventions that created modern work.

No Frameworks – Frameworks fix our thinking and reduce our creative problem solving.

Indie Stickers – Inspirational laptop stickers based on tweets from your favourite indie creators, entrepreneurs and side-project makers.

Fast Feedback Club – Indie creators, entrepreneurs, side-project makers – share what you’re working on, get feedback from others, improve your project

Roadmaps FYI – Get templates for roadmaps used by product managers, entrepreneurs and indie creators and take your product to greatness

Fractal Task Management – The super simple way to manage tasks of any complexity

Has the world been take over by AI? – Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Doomsday Clock and the constant reminder it offers for us all to be aware of the existential risks facing humanity.

Ethical Product Decision-making Collection – A collection of resources to guide your learning about ethical decision-making in product development

Collision Courses – a personal learning management system to get the most out of online courses.

Future Skills – a guided learning email series to help develop the essential skills for future career success.

System-shifting Product Management – an ebook on applying systems-shifting design and posthumanism to product management thinking.

Irregular Ideas – An email newsletter about sitting at the crossroads of humanity and technology, past and future, and watching it all go by. – a thought experiment in creating a Decentralized Autonomous Charitable Organisation.

Interface. Integrate. Iterate – A short email series exploring the role good product management can play in charities.

Adjacencies – Teams work together better when they understand each others skills.

Ultimate Digital Tools List – Find the right digital products to build up the best tech stack for your project. – one hundred email lectures on innovation. – the greatest collection of stiles on the internet.

Why did the chicken cross the road? – a fast feedback, rapid prototype of a children’s book.

Last updated: 12/02/22