Contributing to the digital transformation of the the non-profit sector

Working in digital roles in the charity sector, volunteering my knowledge, and contributing to the digital charity community.


Product & Delivery Lead at RNID

  • Being a better manager
  • Building the right environment
  • Delivering projects

Contribute to digital charity thinking by writing about:


Product management at a charity

Digital volunteering at a charity


Start an online social good organisation

Continually developing my knowledge, skills and practice

Education and training, experiential learning, and reflective practice.


Completing formal education courses in:

  • Microsoft Learn courses for Dynamics.
  • British Sign Language – level 1.
  • GitLab Remote Working.

Informal learning through side-projects:

  • Irregular Ideas – Email newsletter about humanity and technology.
  • Magix Team – Book and/or email course on organising flexible teams around multiple projects in resource-constrained environments.
  • Interface. Integrate. Iterate. Impact – Email course exploring the role good product management can play in charities.

Regular reflection on progress and barriers:

Leading an intentional life

Living a minimal lifestyle, being healthy, and maintaining financial independence.


Following a nomadic lifestyle

Improving physical and mental well-being

  • Walk every day.
  • Swim in sea.
  • Run.
  • Understand my autism better.

Maintaining financial security

  • Buy a house.



Write a book.

Visit other countries.


Goals this roadmap is trying to achieve

Delivery Plan for achieving this roadmap

Life principles that underpin the approach