Contributing to the digital transformation of the non-profit sector

Continually developing my knowledge, skills and practice


Developing a reflective practice, inc: Daynotes, Weeknotes and Monthly retros and delivery plans.

Improving my workplace skills through Microsoft Learn courses, British Sign Language and GitLab Remote Working.


CMI Level 5 in Management and Leadership.

Systems Thinker Courses


Wrote about the intersection of technology and humanity.

Learned about humane technology

Studied Business Innovation and how charities develop products.

Service Design

Mental Health First Aider

Product Management at GA

MA Fine Art

BA (hons) Fine Art

Leading an intentional life


Following a nomadic lifestyle.

Improving physical and mental well-being.

Creating conceptual art, inc:

Maintaining financial security.


Learn Tai Chi.


Write a book.

Visit other countries.


Created conceptual art, inc: Animals looking at you, Floors I’ve walked on and Signs I’ve ignored.

Studied martial arts, inc: Aikido, Krav Maga and Kung fu.

Goals this roadmap is trying to achieve

Delivery Plan for achieving this roadmap

Life principles that underpin the approach