Corporate culture and personal behaviour

I’ve been thinking about the relationship between corporate culture and the personal behaviour of employees, and about how much corporate culture affects the behaviour of individuals and how the way individuals behave affects the corporate culture. Does one come first and the other grow from it, or do they mix and change each other and grow together?

The example I’m thinking of is how the IT department manages changes to working practices and how managers communicate to their teams. Both have the same approach. Things are done to employees, not with them. There is no consultation about the best way to do things, no communication about why a change is being made or what the benefits might be.

So I wonder, is that the way of the corporate culture and the manager having worked within that culture has picked up the behaviour, or is that the management style of the manager(s) and it creates the culture? And I wonder how do I avoid it, how do I avoid adopting the same corporate culture, especially when I don’t think it’s a healthy or productive culture?