Life principles

I wanted to be clear with myself about my life, why I choose to live it the way I do, and to have some kind of guide for myself in the future. I gave it lots of thought and came up with five principles that seem to fit me and my life, and by which I’ll try to live in a more conscious way.  The five principles are: 


For me this means reducing the amount of stuff, focusing on the important things, not getting caught up in other peoples nonsense, and finding solutions that don’t cause too many problems. There are elements of essentialism and minimalism, living light, and being free from attachments. 


Taking ownership, being accountable for my decisions, understanding that everything that happens in my life is a result of my decisions and actions. 


Being adaptable is about accepting change as the nature of life and responding to the changes appropriately. It means having a flexible approach, having a plan but embracing uncertainty. 


Facing challenges is how I measure myself and my life. This principle is about being objective-lead, being clear about what I’m trying to achieve and what success looks like, and taking a incremental and iterative approach to improvements and developmental growth.  


I want my efforts to have an impact, to help people, to make the world a slightly better place even if only in the smallest way. For me, contributing to something bigger than yourself, something outside of your everyday life is very important.