Mountainboarding in Scotland – The Plan

So, Dave McBean posted this on Surfing Dirt Forum:

Scottish freeridey goodness on the 17-18th September? In typical Jock fashion this promises to be badly thought out, unplanned and with probably rubbish weather. 2 mile forest runs, singletrack steepness and puddles are guaranteed though.

Can’t say no to that. Better get the week off work and plan some riding. Think I’ll head north on Tuesday, spend Wednesday and Thursday in the Lake District to check out a track for a Downhill Comp next year and get myself one of those ridgelines I’ve been eye-ing up for a while. I’ll head up to Scotland on Friday, maybe check out Drumlanrig on the way, meet up with Marvin, ride the BX track in Perth Friday night. Then over to Dunkeld to camp for a Saturday and Sunday of riding the 2005 ATBA-UK DH track and scouting potential courses for a Scottish DH comp next year.