My multi-channel customer journey with Autoglass

The windscreen on my car cracked and needed replacing. I checked on my insurers website and it gave me a number to call. When I called the number an automated message told me that they were very busy and that I could book an appointment on the AutoGlass website. So that’s what I did. This is my journey as I customer and what I thought about each step along the way.

1: Booking an appointment

Booking on the website was easy. The form had lots of steps/pages to go through but it was easy to follow and no obvious areas for improvement jumped out at me.

2: Confirmation Emails

I received a lot of email notifications to confirm my appointment. Calling it an appointment all the way through this part of the journey reinforces that the customer needs to remember when they are having their windscreen replaced and be at the right place at the right time.

3: Text message on the day

Ten minutes before the technician arrived I received a text message to tell me he was on his way, his name and his mobile phone number in case I needed to call him. As I walked out to my car he arrived. The only way I could think that this could be improved upon would be to ask a customer if they would like to share their location via their smart phone to help the technician locate them. I’m not sure there’s much need for this though, and this could be handled by two people speaking on the phone.

4: Signing agreement on a mobile device

The technician told me the things I had to pay attention to, such as not being able to drive the car for four hours after the fitting and that if my insurance company didn’t cover the cost of work I would be liable for it, and then I signed the agreement on his mobile device. The downside is that I didn’t get to read the terms and conditions and if anything went wrong it would become an argument about whether he said what he says he said.

5: The fitting

Pretty much the only non-digital part of the whole process. It still required a man to physically remove the old windscreen and fit the new one. He called me when it was done and as I walked out to my car he was adjusting the windscreen wipers.

6: Taking payment

The technician took payment through a bluetooth card reader.

7: The receipt

The receipt was emailed as a pdf. The email was a bit of a let down with it’s “Dear customer…”. It should have been personalised as they clearly had my name.

8: The review request

A few days after the fitting I received another email asking me to write a review about my experience.

Overall, I had a good experience and the customer journey had some clearly defined touch points that achieved the right goal at the right time. There were some things that could be improved but nothing that made the experience negative or seem unthought about.