Planning Ahead

I realised last night the cause of the discrepancy between what I know the AGM is about and what some of the riders seem to think it’s about.

For me, the AGM is a legal requirement. We do it because it is a requirement of the Companies Act. For the riders, it’s a chance to talk about next season. They don’t realise that we’ve been planning next season for the past five months and already have decided what’s going to happen. I assumed it was clear because we announce the dates and locations for next season at the AGM. It’s obvious to me now that I’m wrong, and that riders (the few that are interested) still think that the AGM is the time and place to put ideas forward for next season. We need to change that.

At next year’s AGM (2014) we’ll provide more time for discussion, but the discussion will be about the 2016 season. It’ll need a well-managed agenda, which could include things like the name of the series and entry fees, but it will hopefully be a better way to source the riders opinions and meet their expectations.

And it fits the ATBA-UK’s community-building business model, so it must be the right way to do things.