Remolition roadtripping for fun, fuel and funds

This spring, in case you haven’t heard, Remolition are going on a roadtrip from Land’s End to John O’ Groats, and riding as many places as possible in between. Why? Just because no one has done it yet with mountainboards. It should be loads of fun, and we’ll get to ride loads of places we’ve never ridden before. And hopefully, we’ll be able to raise some money.

The Air Ambulance is charity that every mountainboarder should support, because one day you might need them. And they need all the fund-raising they can get, especially as the rising fuel prices affect them so much (there’s a petition against charging Air Ambulance VAT on fuel which you should sign). You should also donate to the Air Ambulance on the Remolition 838 Miles Just Giving page. Any amount will help, so go, it’s good karma.