Retrospective June 2021

Contributing to the digital transformation of the charity sector

I didn’t completely create a formalised processes and practices for discovery, definition and design, but I did make some progress on some aspects of the discovery activities and learned lots about how the process can be more successful in the future.

We didn’t deliver a safe and secure video meetings platform. We tried but there were too many technical issues so we reverted to our backup plan (always have a backup plan).

I contributed to the 2021-2023 organisational strategy for Bucks Mind but haven’t caught up on how the overall setting of the strategy is going.

I wrote three emails for Interface – Integrate – Iterate, and set up the subscription functionality on my website. I prioritised writing these over my dissertation and it feels good to have formalised some of my ideas about the roles good product management can play in a charity. I also thought a bit about creating a more accessible email course (my triple I ideas aren’t exactly introductory) to get product thinking into more smaller charities.

Learning about innovation, technology, product and design

I didn’t revise and complete the Blockchain Technology and it’s impact on innovation, management & policy exam because the exam, and time I’ve allocated for revision is in July so I’m moving this to next month.

I wrote some of the first draft of my dissertation literature review but didn’t finish it as I prioritised other stuff. The progress I did make on it has given my some good direction and plenty of content to analyse and review.

I wrote weeknotes #253, #254, #255, #256. Even after four years I still find them useful for reflecting on things I’ve done, read and thought about so no intention to stop.

Leading an intentional life

I continue to live a digital nomad life and roadtrip around the coast of England, Wales and Scotland. I spent June in Devon and Cornwall, visited some beaches, stuck to the mini goal of moving on every day, and thought about the essay ‘Waking up in beautiful places’ that I want to finish one day.

I aimed to reach 285 stiles on but got 292. It’s interesting for me to reflect on the types of projects I keep going with (exploring, collecting, collating, doesn’t involve other people) and those I drop (require speaking to people). I wonder about this and ideas I have about a project to create training courses and how reliant they are on personal connections to get traction.

I currently have a 25 month runway, which means I could live comfortably for two years without any income.