Six months of stats

The weekly Ecommerce update email I write contains a statistic that reveals something about how the BHF ecommerce business is performing. They aren’t in-depth analysis, just snippets of success.

  1. The bounce rate for July was 39.66%, down 9.91% from 44.02% for the same period last year.
  2. Comparing since the new site went live to the same period last year, the conversion rate has increased 66.61%
  3. The best selling product by volume in August was the Silver Finish Glitter Heart Pin Badge, selling 72% more than the next best seller.
  4. The Donation Place Cards have the highest Average Quantity per Order at 76.
  5. The first order for Heartfelt was placed less than 2 and ½ hours after launch, and we had orders from countries including Australia, US, New Zealand, Finland.
  6. Compared to the same week last year, visits on mobile devices have increased 226%, transactions have increased 217%, and revenue 152%
  7. far this year we’ve sold 30,000 pin badges. That’s a lot of people showing a little bit of support.
  8. We sent 574 emails requesting a review of the Online Shop and had a response rate of 6.62%, better than the industry average of 5.7%. 38 customers wrote reviews and all of them gave us five stars.
  9. So far this year, of all the people that placed a order for Christmas cards 98.8% are new to the Online Shop.
  10. September has been the highest month for donations so far this year with over double the monthly average.
  11. Comparing the last thirty days with the same time last year, our international visitors have increased 59%.
  12. We sold our 10,000th pack of Christmas cards.
  13. The best selling Christmas card has sold the same amount as the thirty-three worst selling cards, the best selling twenty cards (out of 96) account for half the volume of cards sold
  14. The average number of packs of Christmas cards in an order is 5.29.
  15. Of all the donations we received in November, 82% included Gift Aid which meant we were able to collect an extra 25% of the value.
  16. Comparing this November to last November, Pageviews are up 28%, Pages per Session is up 51%, Average Session Duration is up 36%, Conversion Rate is up 52%, Bounce Rate is down 16% and Abandonment Rate is down 11%.
  17. Comparing the first week of December this year to last year, the number of visitors using desktops stayed about the same, as did visitors using tablets, but the number of visitors using mobile devices increased by 43%.
  18. Over the past nine months, 70% of orders paid the £3.95 delivery charge and 30% got free delivery. Over the past three months the percentage of orders getting free delivery dropped to 20%.
  19. Over Q1, Q2 & Q3 revenue was up 12.42% on the same period last year.
  20. From April to December, our Return Rate was 2.31%, 1.93% were refunded and 0.29% were replaced
  21. 22.5% of the revenue in Q3 was from Donations and Delivery Charges.
  22. Pin Badge sales for January so far are 175% up against the whole of December and 102% up for January this time last year, with 12 lines selling this year against 4 lines last year.
  23. 14.9% of our orders have a total value between £20 and £25, whilst orders with a value between £30 and £35 are 11.5% of the total.
  24. In January, 777 people visited the Online Shop after googling ‘British Heart Foundation Wedding Favours’ and 218 other related search terms.
  25. Over the past five years the Online Shop has had 2.2 million visitors.