Strategy one-pager for system-shifting product management


What do I want to achieve?

Product managers in social/third sector organisations use a system-shifting approach to build products that tackle wicked problems and create lasting social change.


Why is this the right goal?

Using a system-shifting approach has the potential to inform building products that create lasting social change because it focuses on wider systems awareness and effects rather than on user behaviour, and is more fit-for-purpose for product management in the social/third sector.


How do I think the goal can be achieved?

If product managers learn system-shifting tools and techniques, then they can apply it to product development and management to create products that create lasting social change.


What will I do to test the hypothesis?

Create a landing page/white paper/manifesto to introduce system-shifting product management and try to help people understand it.

Write blog posts about system-shifting product management to explore the emerging ideas in the open.

Create an email course that teaches the tools and techniques of system-shifting product management.

Promote the email course on social media to attract product managers to sign-up.


How will I know if my hypothesis is correct?

Number of email course sign-ups.

Feedback on the email course.

Page views of blog posts.

Replies on social media.


How will I know I’ve achieve the goal?

Contribution, not attribution. I won’t know if product managers are applying the system-shifting product management tools and techniques in their work, but by introducing them to the ideas I can contribute to product management practices that are more fit for social/third sector organisations and contexts.