Suddenly I was surrounded

There I was sitting in my car minding my own business and quietly tapping away on my laptop when I noticed a man in his fifties standing near my car with a mobile phone in his hand. 
A couple of seconds later a car pulled up and out got another man with a mobile phone. Then a young couple joined them also holding mobile phones. In less than a minute I was surrounded by about fifteen mobile phone wielding maniacs. 

A woman in her fifties drove up and parked her car in front of mine, blocking me in. She leaned out of the window and called to the group, “Is he one of us?”. For a moment I considered leaning out of my window to reply, but as they outnumbered the normal people I thought better of it. Then she yelled again to the group, “Are we going in?”, like they were about to launch a military strike. “50 seconds!” came the reply from the leader of the group. Then, in unison they all began taping furiously on their phones. I glanced nervously at the woman-in-the-car’s screen and saw an orange dragon-looking creature getting punished by her finger tip. 

Ah, I thought, as it suddenly all made sense. Pokemon Go. A group of grown adults were meeting up on a cold, dark night to collect imaginary creatures on their phones. Then the woman-in-the-car said, “We’re going to the pub.”, and as quickly as they had arrived, they were gone.