The future of charity and the charity of the future

I redesigned the home page and have written a few short blog posts asking questions that might affect the future of charity (as a concept and type of organisation) and the charity of the future (as an organisation that embodies a different approach to all the things charities do).

Some other things I’m thinking about:

  • Filling out the manifesto in a way that makes sense to other people.
  • A Theory Of Change for as a means of communicating the purpose behind the thought experiments.
  • What a Minimum Viable Charity might involve, and whether its actually possible (how much does it cost to start a charity, how many people would you need, etc.)
  • Who I can get involved, either in discussions, writing blog posts, or forming a charity.

All of the thinking I’ve found so far about the future of charities has been about how to tackle the problems facing charities today within the current paradigm. I can’t find anything that questions the entire charity paradigm, so either there is a place for or the reason no one is thinking about it is because it’s a silly thing to think about.