The next stage of my minimalistic and nomadic life

The next stage of my minimalist and nomadic life started. Not so much #vanlife as #carlife.

The aim is for it to increase my productivity by giving me more focus and time to work, and to improve my health by helping me go swimming every day, and going to Kung Fu, going climbing and going mountainboarding once a week.

I need to think about ways of improving the quality of my sleep but I think better weather over the next few months will help. I also have a few things to learn about insulation and condensation, but if I can live this way over the next year then living in a van should be really easy.

Although I call this project #vanlife as in the medium/long term I expect to be living in a van, the project is actually more about designing my lifestyle in a more considered way so it better meets my needs rather than just accepting a way of life because it’s the norm.