What next for Interniser

The bot that I built on Interniser has been moved to its permanent home with ATBA-UK. It has some additional functionality such as being able to send a message to a human and we still have to name it (Atbamus Prime is my favourite), but moving it frees up Interniser for the next project.

I haven’t quite decided what the next project should be but I’m interested in two areas; how bots can provide information to a user, and how bots collect information from a user. The bot I built for ATBA-UK did a bit of both but I’d like to take it further.

Providing information is probably the more challenging of the two because I can only guess at what the user is looking for and if I get it wrong then the user has a poor experience and goes away unsatisfied.

Collecting information is a bit easier as it starts with me deciding what questions to ask, but motivating users to bother answering is another matter.

I did think about building a bot that provides the info on my website but a) no one would be interested, and b) there really isn’t anywhere to go from there.

I guess I’ll keep looking for ideas.