What to do when your product isn’t a strategic priority

What to do when your product isn’t considered a strategic priority for your organisation and doesn’t receive the investment required to grow.

1 – Accept it

An organisation has to choose which business areas and products to focus on. It can’t focus on everything at the same time, and that’s ok. If your product is one of those that isn’t a priority you might need to just accept it. Ego aside, it might be what is best for the organisation at this time.

2 – Carry on regardless

The organisation probably needs you to carry on with maintaining the product as it is. It may be that it serves its purpose as is, generates income, and doesn’t actually need to be improved. Doing what you can with the budget and people you have is a fine for a product that isn’t an organisational priority.

3 – Build a case for the future

Understand the constraints that might get in the way of growing your product in the future, collect examples of other products that have received investment, make suggestions for small improvements that can be achieved without investment, and look for opportunities to add value to other products and areas of the business.