Your job is to deliver value to our customers

A colleague asked me a question about a customer query she was dealing with, and went on to explain that it wasn’t our teams customer but that she couldn’t let go of it and wanted to resolve it. It was almost like she felt that she had to explain why she was spending time doing something that ‘isn’t her job’ and that I might criticise her choice.

Her job, just like my job, is to deliver value to our customers. I trust her to use her intelligence to decide what is the best way to do that. I don’t care which organisational silo a customer interacted with initially, if they speak to us we’ll do the best we can to help them. I don’t want us to do things that reinforce those silos and reduce the value we provide for our customers. If we’re the best people to help that customer then we absolutely will accept that responsibility and do everything we can to resolve their query.