British Heart Foundation

“The UK’s leading cardiovascular charity, beating heartbreak forever”

British Heart Foundation As Ecommerce Manager for the British Heart Foundation I am responsible for operational success, delivering development and improvement projects, and strategic direction of the ecommerce business to grow revenue, increase profitability, improve customer experience and work collaboratively.

Role and responsibilities

I manage cross-functional teams involving IT, Retail, Digital, Marketing, Fundraising, Logistics, Customer Services and Finance to deliver a range of projects that provide incremental improvements at every stage of the customer journey, including website redesign, drop-shipping, merchandising systems and logistics. Developed clear understanding of customer segments and customer journeys from across the organisation to ensure that the customer experience on the Online Shop met with expectations and needs of the customer, and delivered upon the organisation’s promise to it’s supporters. Manage online shop platform (Magento), including: product ranging, marketing initiatives, order management, data transfer and integration, and customer services. Developed business-wide in-depth analysis and reporting to raise visibility of costs and profitability, deliver improved financial planning and budgeting.

Delivered Improvements

Website redesign

Delivered website redesign on budget and two weeks ahead of schedule. Online Shop Project work included:
  • running user testing sessions to identify needs
  • identifying a new supplier
  • building the requirements
  • specifying new funcationality
  • managing budget

Customer Segmentation Strategy

Developed a customer segmentation strategy that allows for expanding the size of the customer base and growing business verticals within each segment. Ecommerce Customer Segmentation

Data Exchange Automation

About the British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s leading coronary charity with the mission of winning the fight against cardiovascular disease and a vision of a world in which people do not die prematurely or suffer from cardiovascular disease.