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Flowers and headstone near the south coast path

3. Measuring a life

The coastline paradox says you can never get an accurate measure of the coastline of a country. How long it is depends how you measure it. If your ruler is incremented in miles you’ll get a different answer than if you measure in centimetres. Sounds like an appropriate metaphor for measuring a life. As I travel the coastline of England, and eventually Wales and Scotland, how do I, can I, should I measure a nomadic life? Miles traveled, number of places visited? Or perhaps something more internal. Perhaps how much time is spent nourishing the soul, Soul time repairs and renews our belief in a beautiful world. It’s calm time. Down time. Not introspective, but absorptive, taking in the world around you. It opens you and connects you. I get it from the beautiful places I visit, and the more I get the more I appreciate it as a measure of a life.

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Worbarrow Beach

2. Panta Rhei

I move each day. Never staying in the same place twice. And as I go I photograph the places and whatever interests me along the way. Sometimes that’s beaches and pretty sunsets, but also the beautiful decay of human things, where nature takes over and takes back. When I walk those beaches I imagine I can’t see the footprints and litter and other signs of humanity so for me it could be 100,000 years in the past, or maybe in the future, when there are no other humans around.

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1. The end is nigh

The end of 2020, that is. I don’t need to tell you what a year it’s been. And I can’t tell you what to expect next year either. But if you’re interested, I can tell you what I’ve learned. I learned that no crisis effects everyone equally, however much we are or aren’t in it together, a crisis is harder for some than for others. I learned than crisis upon crisis has a multiplier effect. And I learned that one person’s crisis is another person’s opportunity, and however unfair that may be it’s human nature to look for opportunities.

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