Prince’s Trust

The Prince’s Trust is a national charity supporting young people to improve their opportunities through confidence building, mentoring, training, and recruitment into jobs that help them thrive.

Learning Hub

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub offers young people a way of finding out about the programmes run by the Prince’s Trust and apply to join a course that helps them get a job or start their own business by:

  • Enabling a digital selection, application and onboarding journey.
  • Providing a safe and secure virtual learning environment.

Future Workforce

We developed a new website with a focus on encouraging young people to get in touch during the COVID-19 pandemic to find out what support the Prince’s Trust can offer them. The website was built using Jamstack modern architecture to enable us to easier integrate with live chat, CRM, & CDN and so that we can add in other services as the need arises.

Video conferencing tools

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed us to accelerate our ability to deliver services and support to young people through online video conferencing solutions. To deliver quickly and meet the needs of young people we utilised off-the-shelf products configured to meet organisational compliance for security, safety and privacy whilst achieving multiple use cases for one-to-one mentoring and group learning sessions.

I reviewed and configured multiple tools, provided training and guidance in their use, and a robust change request processes to ensure security, safety and privacy would be maintained.

Health & Social Care

With the increase in opportunities for employment in the health and social care sector we are developing a mobile-first website to make it easier for young people who have been supported by the Prince’s Trust to record their outcomes. The website integrates with a CRM system to track young people’s progress and generate reports for funding partners.