Be your own superhero. Get superpowered.

Unlimited patience is a superpower.


Turning failure into success is a superpower.

Tao of Mastery

Not being addicted to your phone is a modern superpower.

Carnivore Aurelius

Controlling your impulse is a superpower.

The Game Of Life

Overthinking is a superpower.


To strongly disagree with someone, and yet engage with them with respect, grace, humility and honesty, is a superpower.

Vala Afshar

Being sensitive is a superpower.

Ahmed Hankir

Knowing when to keep quiet is a superpower

The Aware Mind

The ability to be aware of the long term consequences of your actions is a superpower.

Olúwatósìn Ajíbádé

Knowing where and when not to speak is a 21st century superpower.

Zucker Doctor


Create a collection of the soft skills that give people superpowers.



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