How to feel awesome

Feeling awesome is easy. Simply do things that make you feel more awesome. Start with these three:

1. Stand in your power stance and walk like you mean it.

Feet apart, hands on your hips, chest puffed out and chin up. Stand like super hero and you’ll feel more powerful. Walk with your head up, shoulders back, and a bit of a swagger and you’ll feel more awesome.

2. Listen to awesome music

Whatever music you’re into, from Bach to the Chemical Brothers, find tracks that blow your hair back and get your blood pumping and listen to them every day. Those epic songs will become the soundtrack to feeling awesome.

3. Daydream you’re James Bond

Use your imagination, pretend your an international spy or supermodel or millionaire playboy as you drive to work or cook dinner or walk the dog, and live your fantasy life even just for a few minutes. Pretending to be your awesome alter-ego living your fantasy life will make you feel more awesome.