Multiple Deprivation Index maps of Aylesbury

I’ve been doing some data analysis work for Bucks Mind to look at deprivation factors across Buckinghamshire and how these factors might affect the mental health of residents who may then need the services of Bucks Mind.

There are 32,844 wards across the UK, each with it’s own Multiple Deprivation Index rank and ranking for factors that affect deprivation such as barriers to housing and services, education, skills & training, and employment.

Barriers to housing and services

Barriers to housing and services in Aylesbury

This shows how wide the problem is with some of the areas surrounding the town as greatly affected as those in the town.

Educational Skills and Training

Educational Skills and Training in Aylesbury

There is a very pronounced east/west split for Educational, Skills and Training, and some wards in Aylesbury Vale are in the 10% most deprived in the UK and the majority of Aylesbury is in the bottom 50%.


Employment in Aylesbury

Employment also shows quite a divide between the east and west areas of Aylesbury and again the majority of the town is in the bottom 50%.