Dessert MK: innovating in the mobile dessert space

Dessert MK is an interesting take on ice cream vans. Whereas most ice cream vans sell the usual branded ice lollies, Dessert MK offers their own range of ice cream creations.

Dessert MK

The ice creams, whilst very tasty and luxurious looking, are all simple and cheap to create, using ice cream from a whippy machine, flavoured sauces and a selection of chocolates and sweets, meaning that the margin on one £5 tray is probably around 400%, far greater than the few percent of margin a usual ice cream would make from selling branded ice lollies. 

Marketed exclusively on Facebook and relying on word of mouth to build a following, they let fans know where they’ll be that evening on Facebook. This completely different approach to the usual ice cream van approach of turning up where they hope there will be people who want an ice cream when they here the music, Dessert MK guarantees that their customers come to them, wherever they go. 

Dessert MK is disrupting the product range and the marketing approach, it’s entrepreneurial Ice cream.