Digital Team project planning

digital project planning

Bringing together the four Digital Team Managers and three Digital Business Partners to begin to share their priority projects and get an overview of all of the work the Digital Team

How we D.E.L.I.V.E.R. digital projects

This project management lifecycle framework was developed by a consortium of twenty five of some of the best Digital Project Managers in the world with combined experience of over 150 years. Actually, no it wasn’t. I made it up last night.

How we D.E.L.I.V.E.R™ digital projects


Initial discovery phase to scope simple requirements.


Create tests to validate assumptions made in the Discover phase.

Launch plan

Using the results of the Experiment phase, develop a Launch plan that includes more detailed scoping of the requirements, benefits, impact, budget, resources, timescales, risk, etc and has Implementation, Verification, and Evaluation criteria.


Launch the project.


Monitor the implementation to verify that it is performing as expected and make changes as required.


Evaluate the project against


Report on the successes and failures of the project

Acronyms are easier to remember, the seven headings are general enough that lots of things can fit under them, it encourages an experiment/testing approach, and has (kind of) logical steps in managing a project.

How we think of the world wide web

It’s interesting that we think of using the world wide web with concepts such as “visiting” and “surfing” which imply actively going on a journey to a particular location, when in actual fact we stay in one place and the website, etc. visits us. The experience of using the world wide web is much closer to watching TV but we think of it very differently. domain name is only $105 for two years…

Online Marketing Strategy – Commercial Electrical Testing

Aim: Develop an Online Marketing Strategy that is aligned with business and marketing objectives to provide consistent direction for online marketing activities.


  • Assess micro and macro environments to provide SWOT analysis
    • Market – Expanding or contracting?
    • Company – Growing or shrinking?
    • Competitors – Growing or shrinking? (80 in Reading area)
    • Customers – Which online platforms do they use? Touchpoints.
    • Resources – Human, financial, technological


  • Sell – Set customer acquisition and retention targets e.g. winning x number of clients from competitors within given time scale.
  • Serve – Set customer satisfaction targets e.g. increased transparency and accountability.
  • Sizzle – Set brand recognition and perception targets e.g. delivering excellent customer experience.
  • Speak – Set number of engaged customers e.g. number of existing customers engaged with & number of potential customers engaged with within given time scale.
  • Save – Set efficiency gains targets e.g. streamlined communications with existing customers.


Essentially channel marketing strategy.

  • Segmentation – Segment customers through Spend, Regularity, Service Usage, Online Communications Usage.
  • Brand Positioning – Selecting brand position within the industry based customers served and perceived gaps in the market.
  • Value Proposition – Achieve differential advantage of buying services, e.g. Safety, Peace of mind, Compliance to legislation, cost effectiveness, reliability.
  • Communication – Target brand and value communications to relevant customer segments.
  • Integration – Integrate digital and social media marketing with business and marketing objectives.


  • Set up Google Alerts for company name, competitors name, and specific industry keywords to gather picture of the digital landscape CET is operating in.
  • Optimise website with greater CTA, remove inline styling, add company address in footer.
  • Optimise website for mobile devices.
  • Implement SEO for website with optimised keywords, rich snippets, authorship, sitemap.
  • Implement Google Analytics for website.
  • Increase and optimise usage of News section on website to included regular updates about company and changes within the industry.
  • Use pingomatic to tell search engines News has been updated.
  • Implement Twitter feed on website.
  • Fix LinkedIn profile link on website.
  • Optimise Google Places page and encourage customers to leave reviews.
  • Optimise Twitter page including background image.
  • Increase and optimise Twitter usage to include regular updates about the company, and industry, but more importantly engage in conversations, retweets and mentions. Follow customers, intermediaries, and industry leaders.
  • Set up eCRM to manage email campaigns to existing customers.
  • Create QR codes for particular tests, equipment, service, or customer that link to specific help pages on company website.
  • Utilise PAT Electric App to manage asset database and export reports to customers.


  • Prioritise website improvements, social media, and seo actions.
  • Set resources for project/tasks, including financial, technological, and human.
  • Assign responsibilities for tasks.
  • Set schedule for tasks and project.
  • Set KPI’s for project.


  • Measuring and evaluating strategy and implementation.
    • Were customer acquisition and retention targets met?
    • Measure customer satisfaction through surveys. Were targets met?
    • Measure brand recognition and perception through survey. Were targets met? Are more potential customers aware of the company. Do existing customers feel they have an excellent customer experience.
    • Measure number of engaged customers e.g. number of existing customers engaged with & number of potential customers engaged with within given time scale.
    • Measure efficiency gains. Has there been an increase in the number of customer communicated to with email, Twitter, etc. Were targets met?


  • How does the team work together on a project? Collaboratively or more individually?
  • What’s the day-to-day work pace like?
  • Which aspect of the role would be the highest priority?
  • Will there be opportunities for sharing skills so I can learn more?
  • How would my performance be monitored?
  • Would you be able to support me in my course with things like information for case studies, etc.?
  • Assuming I’m success at the this stage, what’s the next part of the process?