What I want from Evernote

I love Evernote. I’ve used it for years. I’ve also used lots of other online platforms including: Trello, Google Docs, Sharepoint & Word, Todoist, Dropbox and Dropbox Paper. They all do different things, and all have their strengths and weaknesses, but Evernote beats them all for everyday writing and recording things, sharing, collaborating and easy task management. Some of the things I love about Evernote are that it works offline, is seamless between devices, and is really simple to use, but it isn’t perfect. Here are a four things I want from Evernote.

1. More formatting options

Simplicity is good, but a few more formatting options such as headings, and auto-generating a contents/menu using the headings, would make the notes more presentable.


Adding comments to highlighted text in an note would make working collaboratively in a note far easier.

3. Show a calendar view of tasks.

Notes can be made into Tasks by adding a deadline/to-do date, but the views of tasks is limited to a chronological list. Having a calendar view (especially if you could add a length or end time to tasks) would make task planning much more effect.

4. Embeddable notes

Being able to embed the contents of notes in other notes, webpages, etc. would be a great way of pulling multiple ever-changing content into a single location.

Evernote superhero

I know, I know, maybe these things would take Evernote away from the simple, robust, really-usable platform that it is, and I’m sticking with Evernote regardless, but having these things would take Evernote from super to superhero.