What I did in 2019

I progressed my career… Left BHF after four and a half years, started at BSI, and left BSI. I learned a lot about what kind of organisation and culture I want to work in and how I position myself.

I invested my education and learning… Did a Product Management course at General Assembly and started an MSc in Business Innovation at UCL. My thinking about product, organisational design and innovation has really progressed.

I started listening to podcasts… My favourites are Darknet Diaries, How to be awesome at your job, Freakonomics Radio, Tech For Good Live, Alexa Stop, Akimbo, The Product Experience, Build and All The Responsibility.

I consolidated my website… Moved my blog and website together and added more historic content. But I still have lots more to add.

I did a loop in a stunt plane… It was awesome. If I had the time and the money my number one hobby would be Stunt Plane Pilot.

I visited lots of beaches… Because being by the sea, in places of solace, creates a separation from daily life and helps to settle thoughts.

I saw Pink in concert… She was fantastic.

I experimented… with ways of working and with being more minimalist, more stoic, and a bit anarchist.

What we did in 2011

In 2011 we……joined the short board revolution. Surfers figured it out during the 60’s, and we’re starting to catch on. If you want to ride silly steep mountainbike tracks, you need a board that is short, light, and super agile.…did the Five Passes Challenge, riding all five of the mountain passes in the Lake District in one day.

…held our first Remolition Freeride Masterclass. Went to Allestree Woods, learned some stuff, taught some stuff, and did our first manual slides.

…got technical. Started using blogs, twitter, and pinterest more, wrote our first kindle book and launched two new websites; The Beginners Guide to Mountainboarding andMountainboarding.info.

…learned to love Dave just a little bit more. Held our first DH comp, had loads of fun, started planning for next years DH comps.

…got chased by evil pumpkins, smashed them to smithereens, and won Habitual Suicide T-shirts.

…took night riding to a whole new level (of darkness).

…went to Scotland for the first time, met some great guys, rode some great places, and decided that we need to spend more time there.

…got high. 950 metres high, on Helvellyn.

…turned brakeboarding around. We got to play with the new Trampa Brakeboard, questioned whether brakes should be on the front or the back, and how well they work with eight inch wheels.

….went steep. We rode the Western Wall for the first time and began inventing and learning new techniques for riding slopes that were too steep to ride normally.

I wonder what will happen in 2012…