Weeknotes #137

What happened this week…

  • Answered defibrillator enquiries and processed orders.
  • Met with our defibrillator supplier and received product training.
  • Worked through changes and tested Central Ordering site.
  • Attended AX training.
  • Set up Blood Pressure Monitors in Magento.
  • Attended Product Management training.

Read this week…

Doing next week…

  • Team roadmapping for the next financial year.
  • Setting up Freshdesk for the Heart Helpline.
  • Discussing facilitating House Clearance payments.
  • Meeting with the new Conversion Rate Optimisation specialist.
  • Reviewing our data protection processes.
  • Discussing chatbots for volunteering.
  • Setting up London to Brighton clothing.
  • Reviewing samples for premium wedding place cards.
  • Testing bundle and grouped products in Magento.
  • Making changes to DefibBot to get ready to make it live.
  • Attending a talk on making digital work in the non-profit sector.

Interesting stat of the week…

  • Comparing defibrillator pages traffic for the last two weeks to the two weeks before that, PageViews increased 3.2%, Unique Visitors increased 5.6%, and Page value increased 99.5%

In the not too distant future…

  • Marketing for blood pressure monitors.