100 ideas

One hundred ideas that are important to me.

  1. Reflective practice for digital work
  2. Technology charities
  3. Decolonising new product development process
  4. Andragogical learning
  5. Management as ethical interface
  6. logical reasoning and scientific method as tools for turning uncertainty to certainty
  7. Repetition, local monopoly, similarity
  8. Go to the source
  9. Solving problems vs creating opportunities
  10. Competition, cooperation, collaboration
  11. Systems don’t know subjects
  12. Pacing layers of change and speed in alignment
  13. Overlaps prevent gaps
  14. Building on innovation, non disruptive, adjacent possible
  15. Stigmergy
  16. Posthumanism
  17. Porous membrane for organisations
  18. Dominant design
  19. Optimise for consumption, not production
  20. The accumulation of unsolved problems, thresholds for change
  21. R & K strategies
  22. Fractal patterns – how much can the pattern we see at one scale be applied to a bigger or smaller scale?